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Welcome to the Cheyenne Rotary Club. New member involvement in our club activities is welcomed and expected. To help you become an engaged member of our club we ask that you participate in our Red Sticker Program. Each new member will have to complete seven (7) of the activities to have the red sticker removed from their name badge. Members of your Board are here to assist you in any way.
Red Sticker Program Purpose: To welcome, involve, and integrate new members into the Cheyenne Rotary Club.
Activities:        To be completed in 1 year.
_____   1.        Sit at a different table for three consecutive meetings*.
_____   2.        Attend a Rotary 101 orientation*.
_____   3.        Have perfect attendance for one month.
_____   4.        Attend a Board meeting. (Held the 4th Wed at 7am)
_____   5.        Become a member of a committee other than the New Member Committee.
_____   6.        Propose a new member.
_____   7.        Help sergeant at arms greet arrivals for two meetings*.
_____   8.        Contribute any amount financially to the Rotary International Foundation.
_____   9.        Attend a District 5440 event. (Examples-District Assembly, District Conference, Rotary Leadership Institute)
_____ 10.        Introduce a visiting Rotarian or guest.
_____ 11.        Present an Inspiration to begin a Club meeting.
_____ 12.        Help with highway clean up, peaches sales, Read to Me or dictionary deliveries.
_____ 13.        Entertain Youth Exchange Student (take to lunch, dinner, or other activity).
*Required activity.
I verify that I have completed seven (7) of the activities including the required Orientation.
Signature:   ___________________________________________________
Ok to remove red sticker:  _______________________________________     Date:  __________
                                     (New Member Committee Chairman or Club President)
Please give completed verification to the club secretary.